How to check the car oil level

Having a correct oil level is key to the proper functioning of the vehicle, as well as one of the most important factors to extend its useful life. Today we teach you how to check the car’s oil level.
One of the basic functions of oil is to lubricate all the engine parts so that they work perfectly, but also to protect them against wear and give them greater performance. It is important to know when to change the oil in your motorcycle , car or any vehicle. Therefore, we can say that engine oil is one of the fundamental components within the vehicle and to avoid breakdowns, its level must always be adequate.

Check the oil and extend the life of your car

You should not forget to check it occasionally, regardless of whether you use the car every day or for specific trips. But how to check the car’s oil level? Take note because it is a fairly simple process:

  1. Make sure that before measuring the oil , the car is horizontal, with the engine stopped and cold . If you check the oil level with the engine warm, a margin of error may appear in the level measurement, causing it to read higher than it really is, due to the expansion of the materials.
  2. When you pick up the measuring rod you will see that the handle part has a different color than the rest to differentiate it. Additionally, all oil dipsticks have two notches on the end that mark the maximum and minimum level.
  3. Gently remove the dipstick from the oil tank and clean it completely with a rag or piece of paper, as the first measurement will not be valid.
  4. Reinsert the rod and remove it . This time you just have to clean the rod while you take it out, so that it doesn’t drip and without touching the end.
  5. This second measurement must be between the two notches for the oil level to be correct.

What happens if the oil level is below the minimum?

In this case, the internal parts of the engine can break. This is what is commonly known as “engine seizure” . Although in other cases more serious breakdowns may occur that end the useful life of the engine.

    To avoid this, you must fill the oil tank with the same liquid it already has until you reach the proper level. If you do not have spare oil and you do not remember  what type of oil your car uses , check the papers from the last workshop inspection where the brand and type of oil will appear.

    After adding the oil you must wait a couple of minutes before taking a new measurement. Repeat as many times as necessary until the level is adequate without exceeding the maximum tab on the dipstick.

    What if the oil level is above the maximum?

    In this case, it is best to go to the nearest workshop so that the mechanics can confirm the condition of the engine and remove the excess oil .

    You should check your car’s oil level once a month, every change of season or before embarking on a long trip. Although if your vehicle is old, it is advisable to measure it every two weeks.


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