Mechanic changing oil for motorcycle

How do you change the oil on a motorcycle?

Mechanic changing oil for motorcycle
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We explain how to do it step by step and what to consider when choosing the right lubricant.

Motorcycle oil prevents the parts that make up the vehicle’s machinery  from rubbing or overheating . It also allows you to clean the engine and protects it from corrosion. However, over time it loses its powers and it is advisable to change it. We tell you how to change the oil on a motorcycle and what you should take into account when doing it.

Changing the oil is not an option, but an obligation. Trying to  extend the completion of this process will not serve to save money , but can have the opposite effect, since it is possible that the parts of the frame stop working efficiently and that a breakdown occurs  on the motorcycle .

This type of action  must be carried out regardless of the type of motorcycle  you have and your driving style. If the motorcycle is used regularly for short trips, the performance of the liquid will suffer because the fuel droplets will gradually mix with the  oil  as they condense. If, on the other hand, long trips are made, the machinery is forced to act with greater effort and the need to have an element that facilitates its operation increases.

Change the oil step by step.

To change  motorcycle oil,  you need to perform the following steps:

  • Prepare the place. It is advisable to place old newspapers as protection to prevent the floor from getting stained. It is also advisable to have gloves and clothing that can get dirty.

  • Prepare the motorcycle. Turning on the engine before starting the process will allow the oil to be liquid and not form lumps. However, it is necessary to let it pass for a few minutes so that it is not excessively hot.

  • Remove the oil. Unscrew the waste nut and place a jug underneath into which the old oil will be drained.

  • Remove the oil filter and install the new one with the help of a  wrench .

  • Fill the engine with new motorcycle oil. Before performing this step, it is necessary to check the amount and type of oil that best suits the machine.

  • Check the oil level to verify that there are no leaks and that it is filled according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Take the used oil to a clean place. It should never be thrown down the drain, as it could lead to water poisoning and affect the environment.

Below, we show you a video so you can clearly see how to change the oil and filter on your motorcycle step by step.


What is the SAE?

The SAE is the number that indicates the viscosity of a motorcycle oil. In each case, you can find different types of motorcycle oil with different viscosity in the market. You should pay attention to this information as it will help you choose the right one for your vehicle.

Check your motorcycle’s user manual since each engine is designed to work with a specific viscosity. You must always stick to this information and do not use a different one as it can cause very serious breakdowns.

The SAE is made up of a number followed by the letter w and two more digits that tell you what the viscosity of the motorcycle oil is.

  • XXW : The first two digits represent the fluidity of the oil when cold. The W that accompanies them indicates Winter. In other words, it is the viscosity that the oil has when it is cold. The lower the number, the more fluid the oil will be at low temperatures, making it better distributed throughout all the engine components.

  • XX: The next two digits represent the degrees that the oil can reach when hot, that is, in summer. If the number is high, the oil’s viscosity will be higher, which will cause the lubricant film to be higher.

How often should you change the motorcycle oil?

Some experts determine that the motorcycle’s oil must  be changed every 2,000 kilometers,  especially when the adjustment configuration means that the  oil serves to cool the engine , transmission and clutch. If it is only used for the propellant it is possible to wait  up to 6,000 kilometers . However, the most accurate method to know the best time to change motorcycle oil is to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer, as they know the vehicle best.

As a general rule, the  oil filter  should not be replaced as frequently as the fluid and is usually changed every two checks. However, it is advisable to once again follow the instructions provided by the brand.

Motorcycle oil is a basic element to ensure that the vehicle’s engine works efficiently and that the possibility of a breakdown does not increase. Changing the fluid regularly will help extend the life of your vehicle.


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