Mandatory to pay for the engine when refueling

Turn off the engine while refueling

Mandatory to pay for the engine when refueling

Reasons why you should always turn off the engine when refueling

It is true that incidents related to static electricity are very unusual , although their statistical profusion shows that it is usually more common with cold, cool and dry weather conditions , and can even produce explosions at very dangerous refueling times.

It is also of great importance that users do not get into their cars during refueling which lasts no more than 2 minutes, as remaining outside the vehicle greatly minimizes this undesired dangerous effect, thus avoiding the temptation to even start the engine. .

The greatest accumulation of static electricity can occur when re-entering the vehicle during refueling , especially with the aforementioned climatic pipes, and it is possible that when re-entering the vehicle the static electricity can access the filler tube causing the incident. aforementioned.

In any case, if it is unavoidable to re-enter the vehicle for any reason, it is essential to first touch the metal part of it with your bare hand (the door or some metal surface of the car), and always away from the filling point when leaving. of the vehicle, thus ensuring a quick and correct discharge of the static electricity that is generated throughout the entry and exit process.

For all these reasons, the engine must always be turned off while the fuel supply tank is being filled , and it is illegal for the driver of any motor vehicle to keep the engine running while the tank is being filled with gasoline, diesel or any other fuel. .

Other recommendations besides turning off the engine while refueling

Turning off the engine is essential, and some technicians even advise letting the engine cool somewhat before refueling , since the continuous heat it emits, due to an error, could lead to a fire that can destroy the car and even the company’s facilities. fuel station.

Mandatory to turn off the engine when refueling

Source: Motor Mundial magazine

Gasoline engines usually have a 4-stroke cycle that allows greater combustion than diesel engines that do not operate in cycles, which in no case excludes them from the same potential effects of static electricity and potential inflammation, since this deflagration is not a myth at all.

Of course, smoking is also prohibited while filling the tank and it is also advisable to follow the instructions that many gas stations show regarding how to connect to ground to avoid the generation of static electricity, since a spark of electricity would be enough. static to ignite the gasoline in case of a small spill from the vehicle’s tank, something that all users have experienced on some occasion.

Person refueling

Source: Motor Mundial magazine

Of course, you should never use a lighter or match at the service station since it has deposits of many tons of highly combustible elements, and the consequences of these actions can be very high risk.


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